asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday afternoon: CHL, ARES, and chores.

I went for Oregon CHL class last night at Threat Dynamics. This was my first time at TD, which claims to be the most advanced civilian range in the world. The class was late and long, so I didn't get any trigger time last night, but I'm hoping to get down there this Sunday morning to try out their live-fire ranges and simulators. Anyway, my Oregon CHL application is in the mail - now I have to wait for them to contact me with an appointment, and then I go down to the Sheriff's Office in person to get photo'd and fingerprinted and complete the process. Am also applying for AZ and UT. (These are desirable because reciprocity agreements make them the most widely recognized permits. Oregon doesn't have reciprocity agreements so I have to get the Oregon CHL separately.)

Tonight I'm going to a training meeting to get involved with ARES. This will allow me to work as a volunteer radio operator in the event of emergency. I still only have a Technician license, which means I'm restricted to local operation (UHF / VHF bands) but I'm hoping to upgrade to General in the coming year.

I want to post more, but I'm putting off getting the housework done, and that needs to happen. A messy house hurts my head.
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