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More Uppity Iranians

June 12 Women's Protest (Persian source)
If you oppose stoning [of women]!
If you oppose compulsory wearing of the hijab!
If you oppose the arrest and persecution of Women!
If you oppose the swooping of a whips on women's bodies!
If you oppose any form of patriarchy and male-dominance!
If you oppose all inequality and the medieval rule of the Islamic regime against Women!

Join the Great Women's March to oppose the misogynist rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran on June 12th, 2006.
Place: Haft'eh Teer Square, Tehran
Time: 5 to 6 pm

More photos here.

Tens arrested with the approach of Iran-Mexico World Cup game
SMCCDI (Information Service)
Jun 10, 2006

Tens have been arrested, in the last days, in several Iranian cities with the approach of Iran-Mexico World Cup soccer game on Sunday June 11th (18:00 Germany's Local time).

Plainclothes agents and militiamen have arrested several of those qualified as potential "hooligans or trouble makers", in an effort to avoid any massive popular unrest to take place following the game.

Arrests have been made in cities, such as, Tehran, Mashad, Esfahan, Hamedan, Bookan, Rasht, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Marivan and Oroomiah (former Rezai-e).

Informants are targeting maverick underground groups which are getting ready for transforming the issue of the game in another opposition show.

Iranians use the soccer events in order to demonstrate against the Islamist ideology and the theocratic regime. ...

More on World Cup arrests.

Some 1,000 people, among them Israel supporters and exiled Iranians, rallied on Sunday in Nuremberg to protest against Iran's foreign policy as the country's team faced World Cup opponent Mexico on the pitch. ... "Whoever is fighting against the mullahs is our friend," said Ali Bazkiyai, an exiled Iranian who left his home country 25 years ago. Yahoo's headline is wrong, should read "PRO-Iranian."

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