asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Friday afternoon: Thanksgiving, and assorted computer stuff.

Was invited to a friend's family gathering for Thanksgiving. Friend's parents live in a nice home up in the hills to the northwest of Portland, about a 40-minute drive out. Friend's dad is a character, a very active older man with a big mop of white hair. Dinner was pleasant and passed with only a modest degree of family drama.

A few months ago I bought a Lenovo laptop with a good processor and high-resolution touch-screen display; unfortunately the thing also came with Windows 8.1. This morning, after weeks of getting those unresponsive "Please wait" displays, I finally managed to upgrade to Windows 10. It's too early to form a definite opinion, but I'm very happy with Win 10 so far. Very glad they got rid of the huge tiles on the start menu, and the enforced sign-in to Microsoft to turn on the computer - two of my biggest peeves with Win 8.

I've signed up for a year subscription to because I really need to get my computer and professional skills up to speed. So far I'm happy with that, too - there are lots of subjects to choose from. Right now I'm working on Project Management and Excel, but I see they also have Matlab courses which ought to be fun. I finally broke down and bought myself a new TV screen - a 40" Vizio - which looks great and is a big improvement over what I was using before. With my laptop hooked up to the big screen, doing the videos and tutorials is a lot more comfortable, so I can spend more time at it and get more done.

Definitely ready for Shabbat, though.
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