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Linkage 2015-11-30

Jewish Kurds hold commemoration in Erbil.
A ceremony marking the deportation of Jews from Iraq seven decades ago was held for the first time on Monday in the country's autonomous Kurdish region. ... According to Mamsani, the ceremony is the first of its kind and marks what is known as the "Farhud", the bloody, Nazi-inspire Arab pogrom that led to the flight and deportation of Jews from Iraq.

UN official visits Erbil, learns about refugees.
As the war against the Islamic State passes the 15-month mark and the Syrian conflict approaches its fifth year, many displaced families have now exhausted their savings, finding themselves increasingly reliant on humanitarian assistance, while at the same time donor funding is decreasing. The Kurdistan Region's financial crisis is worsening an already dire situation, aid workers warn. Iraqi Kurdistan has provided a safe haven for refugees from Arab Iraq since the onslaught of Daesh in the spring of last year, but the strain on the economy and resources is severe.

Iran denies links to alleged Quds Force spies detained in Kenya.
Iran has denied any connection to two Kenyans arrested on charges of spying for the Islamic Republic as part of its elite Quds Force. The two are also accused of plotting attacks against Western targets in Nairobi.

Red World Space Car.
This is a space car that drives around on the red world near Earth. ...

In Nigeria, resurgence of Biafran nationalism.
The 1967-70 conflict followed a secessionist attempt by the eastern Igbo people. Most of the million who lost their lives died from starvation and illness rather than violence. Now, like then, Igbos say they have been marginalized - excluded from key government posts and denied vital funding for infrastructure development, schools and hospitals. ...

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