asher63 (asher63) wrote,

More random navel-gazing.

(And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I can actually see my navel.)

I wish I had indigo_black's attitude about being single. Mostly I just sit around moping "poor me, nobody loves me" blah blah blah.

la_luna_llena reminds me that I still haven't bought Alison Bechdel's "Fun House" and I need to!

I bought a ball to play catch with The Next Generation when I go to visit, but it won't get used: TNG broke his wrist this afternoon, the poor kid. Apparently it was a tree-climbing accident. He's taking it like a trooper: "I'm not sane right now," he says, "they gave me drugs that made me crazy", and he was definitely, as they say, "feeling no pain". Hope he doesn't have too much pain when the drugs wear off. But even allowing for the drugs, he sounded like he was keeping a good attitude. He'll be in the cast for six weeks. So it's looking like a lot of movie trips, museum trips, and sedate walks in the park.

Damn, what a crappy way to start your summer vacation.

I spent most of last week at a horrible data-entry gig. Glad that's over! I think I'd enjoy numerical data entry, but this was alphanumeric combined with filing. Yuk. Tomorrow I have an interview with a new agency.

Got to hang out with Michael Wednesday evening, and again at a party at his house Saturday night.

Meanwhile, I am filling the idle hours learning Arabic and Persian. For Arabic I'm starting with the Living Language program - it's new, and looks like a good technique. Plus it's on CD so I can save it right to the iPod. I'll supplement that with a couple of other MSA courses after I've completed a few more lessons, then I'll move on to Alkalesi's Modern Iraqi Arabic. (Iraqi Arabic is somewhat different from MSA - for instance, they have a whole different set of interrogatives, like "shunu" instead of "maa" for "what".) For Persian I'm starting with the Pimsleur cassettes - it's really slow and my inner language geek says "this is too easy!" but the goal is to drill you over and over again on simple sentence structure so that you get really proficient. And I think that's a good way to start. I've got more Persian resources, too, for when I'm finished with Pimsleur. And maybe I can practice with Ghazal the next time she calls. (I used to have her phone number, but she had to change it after the latest round of death threats, now she doesn't give it out to anybody!)
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