asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Apocalypse and Its Discontents

Spengler on civilizational death and its consequences.

Hoyt on the myths of collapse: 'Collapse doesn’t regress to an earlier and simpler age. It might require some skills from that time, but mostly it just makes your life more confusing, complex and see above, scarier. ...'

I don't count myself a conservative, and I don't entirely buy the thesis that r/K selection theory explains liberalism and conservatism. But I think conservatives tend to understand and value the things that have survival value - strong family and cultural ties, a clear code of moral conduct, a respect for tradition, an appreciation of the role of conflict and competition in life - and I respect that.

Liberalism in its contemporary incarnation has morphed into an atavistic parody of itself, masochistically embracing its own humiliation and destruction at the hands of alpha-male jihadis: the K/r paradigm meets the D/s paradigm.

I don't know what future awaits us in the West. I think it's likely that cultural factors, economic factors, or a combination of both will conspire to give us a lower standard of comfort, safety, security, and health in the coming years than we have come to expect. I don't really envision a catastrophic "collapse of civilization" (although I certainly don't rule that out) - what I do visualize is more of an erosion of the infrastructures we've come to take for granted.

Hoyt concludes: 'Put down those matches and take up your hammer and nails. The only solution is to build under, build around, to teach, to learn, to change minds and hearts. The future must be built piecemeal.' And this is what keeps me going - the process of building the world and the civilization that our children will live in.

Shabbat shalom!
Tags: future, jihad, linkage, world

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