asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday afternoon: trip, linkage, etc.

I went downtown this morning to do a little shopping, mostly to occupy my mind so as not to keep fretting about the trip and brooding about My Favorite Mistake. Scored a couple of new shirts at Eddie Bauer, plus USB power supplies and dental care stuff for travel.

Anyway, here's a link dump, partly Africa-related:

Hebrew-speaking Sudanese refugees meet Abayudaya Jews in Namutumba, Uganda.

Learning Hebrew at Tikkun Olam school, Namutumba (FB video).

Israeli PSA: "Stop. Think. Respect. Your words have consequences." Even if you don't read Hebrew, the message is crystal clear.

Beverly Cleary turns 100.

The ups and downs of life at Stock Photo University.
Tags: africa, g, hebrew, journal, linkage, oregon

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