asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Africa, Day 1: Travel Recovery

It's Tuesday, about 5pm. I spent most of today resting up from the trip, as I'd planned. After 24 hours of continuous exposure to noise, crowds, and chaos, I needed to retreat to the solitude of my hotel room before going out to explore. I organized my things and the goods I'd brought along to give to the local communities, ventured outside to hit the ATM and buy some bottled water. Caught a much-needed nap and worked on planning the rest of my trip. People here are really nice - not just the hotel staff, but store clerks, security guards, and people on the street. Warm voices and big smiles.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) I'm meeting Yehuda K. who is taking me to his community in Ol Kalou, about 100 miles (a three-hour drive without traffic jams) north of here.

I'll have a place to stay there Wednesday night and Thursday night, and I'll travel back to Nairobi on Friday so as to arrive before the Sabbath. Yehuda, who lives in Nairobi now, says he will take me to the synagogue in town.

Next Sunday I'm to fly to Uganda (across the border to the west) and visit the Abayudaya communities in Mbale and Namatumba. Uganda may be a little sketchy as it turns out they're having presidential elections soon. Hopefully all will go relatively smoothly.
Tags: africa, east africa 2016, hebraica, travel

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