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Shakespeare First Folio Found in Scottish Castle

DW via Tammy Bruce:

A rare First Folio has been discovered in Scotland, the University of Oxford announced on Thursday. A First Folio is a scarce collection of 36 of William Shakespeare’s plays published in 1623. It is not only in essence a “first edition,” of the Bard’s work but also the only reliable source for twenty of his most famous pieces, such as Macbeth and Julius Caesar.

The tome was uncovered at Mount Stuart, a large manor house on the Isle of Bute off the western coast of Scotland. The find makes a total of 234 known copies of the First Folio in the world, with nearly all the others are held by libraries and available only to academics.

“In terms of literary discoveries, they do not come much bigger than a new First Folio, and we are really excited that this has happened on Bute,” said Alice Martin, head of collections at the house. The director of the Mount Stuart House Trust, Adam Ellis-Jones, described the revelation as “genuinely astonishing.” ...

Awesome. Read the rest at the link.
Tags: bardology, scotland

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