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World Today: 2016-04-08

Via Tommy Robinson at PEGIDA UK, Muslim clerics praised killers of Asad Shah, the Glasgow shopkeeper who was murdered two hours after posting an Easter greeting on social media. Now his family fear for their lives.

Also in Scotland, anti-jihad lawyer Aamer Anwar receives death threats.

He's probably worried that he'll end up like Bangladeshi secular activist Mohammed Nazim Uddin, who was hacked to death with machetes in Dhaka.

I'd been planning to post something on the Brussels airport attacks, but then the Easter Sunday attacks in Lahore came up. Refreshingly, CNN has run a piece on anti-Christian violence and discrimination in Pakistan. (This Guardian columnist managed to write an entire piece without mentioning the words Islam, Muslim, Christian, or Easter.)

Matthew Fisher of the National Post (Canada) reports that Africans in Brussels have no patience for the "discrimination made us do it" narrative.

Anyway, it seems there may be some 50 Islamic State supporters working at BRU.

[UPDATE: This excellent just-published piece by Claire Berlinski on terrorism and Belgium is a must-read.]

Meanwhile in Sweden, an Israeli-born teacher was told point-blank that she couldn't work because of her Israeli origin.

Here in the States, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat was shouted down at San Francisco State University. 'Campus police and security called to the lecture hall reportedly protected the mayor but did not stop the protesters.'

And just in time for Passover, you'll be happy to know that the blood libel does not violate Facebook's community standards.

Finally, on a marginally positive note, the Kenya government posthumously honored the Muslim hero who stood with Christians during a terror attack.
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