asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday: Jury duty, Call of Duty, wrapping up Passover.

I'm sitting in the jury pool room on the second, and hopefully last, day of my jury duty. In charge is a cheerful middle-aged woman with a Japanese accent. Yesterday she cut us loose after lunch except for 16 individuals who had to stay on to serve as alternates. It'll be nice if we get out early again today - but it was also kind of fun having an excuse to get out of the apartment and go downtown.

I fear I may be treading down the dark path towards becoming that dreaded creature, a Gamer. I got Steam a couple of weeks ago and this past week started browsing the selections; I downloaded about half a dozen games including 'Call of Duty (4) - Modern Warfare' and 'Modern Warfare 2'. This is my first experience with a real military combat game, for which slaying sludge monsters in World of Warcraft did nothing to prepare me.

It's keyboard-controlled like WOW and some of the keys have the same functions (W for forward, space bar for jump) but even at that level there's a lot to get used to. You mouse to change your direction of movement, while the A/D keys just make you sidestep laterally. Map is with the tab key, not M. The ship scenario - billed as a "recruit" level challenge - is fast-paced and hard. You've got to navigate around various obstacles (crates, bulkheads etc.) and engage enemy personnel, all while the ship is pitching violently and (eventually) sinking. And Captain Price is yelling at you constantly. "Hurry up Soap, we haven't got all bloody day!" You get automatic replays every time you get killed. The game is forgiving, but Captain Price is not.

The end-of-Passover holiday starts tonight. I'll probably attend services at Chabad, which is closer than my usual congregation. Also it'll be good to see a different crowd. There was a woman at the other shul who I was somewhat interested in, but it appears the interest is not returned. So, moving forward.
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