asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday night: leaven on your mind.

Passover is past and over, yay. I went to services for the end of the holiday on Friday at Chabad, and joined Rabbi W (the patriarch of Oregon's Chabad rabbinate) and his family for holiday lunch. Saturday, besides being Shabbat, was the final day of Passover (seven Biblical days plus an extra Rabbinic holiday) but I was peopled out from Friday. There's only so many hours of peopling I can handle.

This morning I celebrated with a croissant, which seems to have put my digestion back on its normal scheduling. (Matza is called "the bread of affliction" for a reason.) And now it's back to the regular routine.

Weather in Portland was beautiful today and I was glad I got outdoors. Took a walk for about an hour and felt great afterward. Wanted to Get Stuff Done around the house this afternoon, but the laziness of the day just called.
Tags: journal

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