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Africa trip: Uganda

Yonatan and Shadrach met me at Entebbe Sunday afternoon (February 21) and gave me a ride in a rented car. ("Rented car" means with a hired driver, not a self-rental like Hertz.) I'd been apprehensive about traveling to Uganda in the wake of the recent elections, but I went ahead anyway.

Yonatan confirmed for me what I'd heard on the news - that Rabbi Gershom Sizomu had in fact won his race for the Mbale (Bungokho North) seat in Parliament. (I had been confused because some of the reports listed Rabbi Gershom under his other surname, Wambedde.)

I didn't see much of Kampala. Our destination was to the north-east, a drive of several hours, so we spent the night at the Florida Hotel. We headed out at 8am the next morning.

There's an expressway under construction to connect Entebbe with Kampala, being built by a Chinese firm. But for us the first part of the trip was slow going. Getting out of Kampala took three and a half hours (it seemed like eight) but the rest of the trip went quickly.

The main Abayudaya enclave is in Mbale, with a smaller community at Namutumba. Coming from Kampala, you hit Namutumba on the way to Mbale; the latter city is about another hour to the north-east. I ended up staying in Namutumba as a guest of Shadrach.

Yonatan (l.) and Shadrach (r.) at a restaurant where we stopped for lunch.

Shadrach's home. I slept in the room on the right.

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