asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday morning: Ashland / Medford

It's a beautiful morning in Ashland. I'm enroute to California for EMT school and I figured I'd drive it rather than fly. So I couldn't resist a stop in Ashland.

Last night I went to Bloomsbury Books and picked up a couple of drama-related books: two by David Mamet ('Theatre' and 'True and False'), scenes and monologues for student actors, and an anthology of modern American plays.

After I check out, I need to swing back to Medford to pick up some work clothes for the class. There are clothing stores in Ashland, but everything here is either hippie, Shakespeare-themed, or theatre-related. Then, on to California.

EMT school starts next week and it'll probably keep me pretty busy for the duration, but I'm looking forward to connecting with friends and family in the Bay Area afterward, before I drive back north to Portland.
Tags: drama, journal, oregon, school, travel

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