asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Another day in The City ...

... while Cade and Kitiara enjoy Portland!

I've managed to miss Alison Bechdel not once but twice: she was in San Francisco just before I arrived, and she's going to be in Portland while I'm here. Grrrr.

Alison's latest undertaking {wince} is a beautiful and evocative graphic memoir called "Fun Home". I managed to score a signed copy at a bookstore on Haight yesterday and devoured most of it last night and this morning. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'll have more to write soon.

I'm staying out in the Sutro area - way out in the boonies, City-wise. Got to travel 10+ blocks just to get to a restaurant or a convenience store. The Seal Rock Inn has a restaurant, but it's really more of a diner and only serves breakfast and lunch. I was really tired and REALLY hungry after my trip in, and didn't have the chance to get anything to eat while hanging out with Daniel yesterday ... finally grabbed a very lean salmon teriyaki dinner before heading back to the SRI. I slept, but not very well, 'cuz I was still on a semi-empty stomach. Got a big omelette this morning - my first full meal in a day and a half - and crashed in my room for an hour.

When I get a chance to sit down and write at leisure, I'll fill you in some more on my history in San Francisco. It touches on my own family history somewhat, and relates indirectly to Bechdel's "Fun Home".

I'm posting from the Art Bistro, but the butch isn't here today.
Tags: random trivia, tng

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