asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday morning: Red Bluff

I checked out from the hotel in Union City yesterday morning, and said farewell to two weeks of EMT boot camp and two and a half weeks of strip mall hell. Got on the road some time around 10, and was in Red Bluff by 2.

I stayed at a hotel in the eastern portion of Red Bluff, separated from the main part of town by the East Sand Slough, the I-5, and the Sacramento River. Red Bluff is in north-central California, just south of Redding, and is a convenient place to stop while traveling the I-5. Yesterday afternoon wasn't the best day for traipsing around town - here in inland California, away from the moderate coastal climate, it got up to 98F by mid-afternoon. I drove the 3/4 mile down Antelope Blvd across the Sacramento to Main Street (grateful that my AC is now working) and stopped in for a plate of tolerably decent vegetarian Chinese food. Took a couple of pictures of the local landmarks.

That's Cone & Kimball Plaza in the second picture.

My mind and body are still decompressing after the EMT course. It's nice to get a good night's sleep for a change. (And not to go all TMI on you, but two weeks of non-stop stress has its effects on the digestion, too, so it's nice to get back on schedule in that department too.)

This morning I went out at about 7am for a short jog, west on Antelope on foot this time, and in 15 minutes I was on Main Street. I've gotten back to jogging on a semi-regular basis and I'm feeling good about that.

So that's about it for my Cali visit. On to Oregon.
Tags: california, journal, travel

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