asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Friday: Portland!

I pulled off the curb near the McMenamins in Bend Thursday morning at 7:30, very much ready by this time to head back to the comforts of my home and neighborhood. Much of my homeward route took me along Oregon Highway 22, which hugs the Santiam River and passes through small mountain towns such as Idanha and Detroit and Mehama. By 11:00 I was driving into Portland with the Indigo Girls blasting from the speakers of my Subaru (getting totally in touch with my inner dyke), and I pulled in at my parking space by 11:30. Home sweet home!

Spent most of the last 24 hours catching up on rest, taking long naps wearing my Tommy gear (eye mask + noise-canceling headphones) to get some quality sleep.

This weekend I'll be catching up on journals and comments, plus finishing up the tale of my trip to Africa last February. And there's another chapter in that tale soon to be written - about which more anon. Meanwhile, Shabbat shalom!
Tags: journal, oregon, portland, travel

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