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More kid stuff.

Had a nice long visit with TNG yesterday. Bought him some art supplies on Haight - he is really talented artistically and I want to encourage that. Also bought myself some art goodies - markers, pencils, a couple of pads, and some really pretty art paper in different colors. I think it's the kind of stuff that might have appealed to Stephanie - but not to be living in the past, and more important, it appealed to ME. I really enjoyed the Haight visit, and perhaps one way I can let myself be enriched by her legacy is to appreciate that same kind of joy and playfulness in myself.

I'm posting from the Garden House Cafe next to the soon-to-close Albertson's on Clement, by Golden Gate Park. The DSL here is fabulous! Can't believe how fast the pages are loading.

Got a load of laundry in. Going to meet a friend for coffee in about an hour. Seeing the kid again tonight at 6.

Later ...
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