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SF meet-up, TNG in the park, and more!

I slept in this morning (for me, "sleeping in" means staying in bed after 6:30am) and then took a short walk out by the Cliff House. Should have taken photos ... I'll do that tomorrow. The weather in SF has been absolutely splendid the whole time I've been here. It's wonderful!

My hotel is across the street from a little park that I think extends out to the beach. Just to the north is the Sutro Baths area, San Francisco's one proper "ruin". The 38 Geary bus takes me the 15 or so blocks to The Next Generation's home.

My date with TNG was for 6pm this evening, so I took the morning to relax and study my Arabic and Persian in between taking in the fabulous view of the Pacific. This afternoon I met Cinnamon for lunch - I'll see her again tomorrow evening with some friends in the area. We had a great time talking and walking around.

I took TNG to Golden Gate park, he wanted to follow the walkway past the golf course to the beach and his mom hasn't taken him out there. So we went, and we had a nice little hike! We passed some of those pretty little pink flowers (no, I haven't the faintest idea what they're called) and went up to a place where the trail ended in a spectacular view of the Pacific. Then we headed back. TNG talked about how he'd like to have wings, and asked if people could fly with glider wings but no motors. I told him it was possible, but just barely. He's even more into the superhero concept than usual - I attribute this to his temporary incapacitation - and he drew (using his nondominant hand!) a superhero for the occasion.

On the way home I took some pictures of TNG - he looks wonderful - and I'll post these in a separate (friends) post. I may have to wait until tomorrow because I'm on the hotel dial-up now.
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