asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday afternoon linkage: Random link dump (non-political).

Wally Funk and the Mercury 13. BBC's Sue Nelson interviews the 70+ year old former astronaut candidate, whom she describes as a "vivacious, loquacious, determined powerhouse" and whom I describe as very very hot.

Two odd etymologies. What Ignacio Anaya and Tom Swift contributed to American English.

The ultimate USA road trip. Because science!

Meet the woman who answers questions. Susan Bennett, the voice of Siri.

Teammates show big-league solidarity with this shomer Shabbat athlete.

Speaking of Sabbath, here's a mashup for you.

Kenya's rising musical star: Israeli expat Gilad Millo sings 'Unajua'. More from JPost and Nation (KE).
Tags: africa, hebraica, israel, language, music, retro rockets, usa, voice, women

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