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Jonathan Spyer: Un-Facebooked

Jonathan Spyer: Un-facebooked. British-Israeli journalist and adventurer (and author of the excellent book The Transforming Fire) Jonathan Spyer provides unmatched coverage from the Middle East. But he found himself on the wrong side of mark zuckerberg and the wizards at facebook:

Recently my Facebook profile, on which I was connected to around 5000 people, was closed down by Facebook. This has had some impact on my ability to do my job as a researcher and journalist, tho I have since managed to repair much of the damage. However, the process by which the profile was destroyed is interesting and may be informative regarding the practices of Facebook with regard to the issue of freedom of expression on the site.

The last posting which I made on my profile related to recent events in Europe. I wrote that I considered the wave of terror attacks in Germany and France to indicate that a ‘low level Islamist insurgency’ was now taking place in those countries. A few hours after placing this posting, my account was ‘disabled.’ ...

Go to the link for the rest. Facebook's double standard and its history of enabling anti-Semitism are well documented.
Tags: antisemitism, facebutt, israel
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