asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday morning: Dental, work, planning.

Last week I was having a sort of generalized soreness in my mouth, which I connected with sore / receding gums (something I'm prone to), which I connected with having unwisely used a firm toothbrush for the past few days. By Friday afternoon, I was able to isolate a single tooth in the lower left back of my mouth that was - and is - causing me discomfort. This being a long weekend (Monday is Labor Day in USA), I won't be able to see the dentist until Tuesday at the earliest, but it's not so bad that I can't live with it until then.

I expect I'll be at my current gig at least until the end of this calendar year, so I've signed up for the staffing agency's benefits plan - life insurance, medical, optical, and, of course, dental.

I won't be able to continue living at my current place indefinitely - that was only possible because of the income I got from the inherited annuity, which is now at an end. So I'm shopping around for a smaller place, and I'm fine with that - I really don't need a big apartment to be happy, as long as it's a decent place in a nice location. Even thought of getting a studio at the place on Morrison Street where I lived a decade ago. But there's plenty of time to work that out.

There are some pictures of my old place on Morrison (mostly detail shots) taken in early 2007 here -
Tags: health, home, journal, work

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