asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Friending Meme

Via kaitydid33087.

Name: Asher

Age: 53
Location: Portland, OR
Story Behind Your Username: First name plus birth year, not very original.

Some things I'm interested in are: science, literature, current events
Things I dislike: homophobia and hoplophobia
A thing that makes me laugh: kids - but mostly they make me smile
Something I'm scared of:
Something I hope for the future is: better

What do you typically post about?: books, daily life, current events
Are you looking for something specific in an LJ friend?: open-minded and positive; comments always welcome but never obligatory
What sort of things turn you off from an LJ post?: rants
Do you have any sort of friending policy?: pretty much open

Anything else to add?:
Most of what I post is non-political, but I do touch on politics occasionally. I am Social liberal / libertarian, fiscal conservative / libertarian, pro-Israel, pro-2A, queer-friendly.
Tags: friends, livejournal, memes

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