asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Monday night: Boring job is boring.

And that's not a complaint. I can spend the day listening to music and audiobooks while I work. Finished 'End of Eternity' today - amazing story, so many plot twists! I love Asimov's ability to describe a character in a few deft strokes. And how the characters are motivated by the same mundane, petty feelings that bother all of us: insecurity over professional and social status, pride, jealousy, lust, revenge, and so on. And as with the Foundation books, it's almost all dialog and some exposition - all of the action happens off-stage. It's a story about choices, not battles.

Also spent some time listening to the Feynman lectures. I'm in the section on mechanics, where RPF describes the motion of a rotating body (with precession and nutation) and the usefulness of torque vectors. Great stuff, from the middle of the last century.
Tags: books, science fiction

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