asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday evening: Work, housing, books, etc.

I've been putting in some extra hours at work to partially compensate for the time I'll be missing for the holidays; plus, I'm returning to the full-time work world and I want to make a good impression; plus, I can use the money!

So, 11 hours yesterday and 11.5 today; gonna shoot for 12 next week.

The big news is I got an email from the new manager of the apartment building that I want to move to. She says she's got a studio coming available in mid-November, which is perfect timing. So I'm going to go down tomorrow morning and have a look - and, I expect, fill out a rental application!

What this means (if I get the unit) is that I'll be moving back to the neighborhood in Portland - and, indeed, to the very building - that I still think of as 'home'. It's right near city center, which is good for me because the kind of work I do (office administration) is business-related. It's also not too far from Portland State University, should I again get the uncontrollable urge to enroll in yet another useless but fulfilling undergraduate college course, which I undoubtedly will. And it's almost directly across the street from the Masonic lodge, of which I am now a member.

Where I'm living now is in the Hillsdale neighborhood, a nice residential community and the Ground Zero of Portland's Jewish community, but otherwise a bit out in the boonies. I've enjoyed being here for the time I've been here - it made sense and it gave me space to host guests and have Bunny visit - but I'm looking forward to moving back to downtown.

One really cool thing about my job is I can listen to music and audiobooks at work. I've almost finished The Iran Wars by Jay Solomon and it is really good.  It's a solid, fact-filled history of US / Mideast relations from about 1980 to the present.  I like it because there's a lot of factual detail and the author doesn't appear to have an ideological axe to grind.  That's good for me because I am very ideological myself and I want to learn from sources that don't just mirror my own views.  Anyway, Jay Solomon's 'The Iran Wars' is informative and gripping and I highly recommend it.  I hope to do a full write-up when my life has calmed down a bit.

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