asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Saturday night: Calm spell.

We had heavy rain and fairly strong winds most of last night and today; it seems to have died down now, at least for the moment. I stayed indoors all day. A couple of girls (maybe in their early teens) weren't deterred by the weather, though, and were playing in the parking lot in the rain and near-dark yesterday evening and again this afternoon, splashing and riding their skateboards through puddles. It's fun hearing kids outside.

I'm going to go in to work tomorrow and see how many hours I can squeeze in before the Sukkot holiday starts tomorrow night. The theme of Sukkot is pilgrimage and impermanence, and it seems to come at an appropriate time for me this year.

I'll soon be vacating the apartment in Hillsdale where I've been living for the past year and a half, and moving back to downtown. Friday I received word that I have officially gotten the place at the Admiral, and I headed over there after work (contending with rain and traffic) to drop off the cashier's check for the initial deposit. My move-in date is in early November, and I'll still have about five weeks left on my lease here in Hillsdale, so I'll have plenty of time to move.

Looking forward to being back in the old 'hood.
Tags: home, journal

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