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Fun with Arabic

Arabic grammar, I've discovered, is exactly like Hebrew grammar.

Except that it's about 100 times harder.

Ten verb conjugations. Indicative, subjunctive, and optative moods. Noun cases. Irregular plurals. Letters that aren't pronounced, and sounds that aren't written.

Oh, and that's the easy part. Then there are the oddball rules, like: half a dozen different ways to form negative expressions; negative past tense expressed with the present tense; inanimate plurals take the feminine singular. And so on.

But it is fun - Arabic is a rich, complex, and beautiful language. I've been hitting the books and audio recordings really hard in the last two weeks or so, and I can see myself making progress. The Living Language series is very good - I'm using both their Complete Arabic and their Ultimate Arabic programs. The Ultimate Arabic set is brand-new, and extremely thorough: a complete introduction to MSA (written and spoken), plus three modules devoted to the major dialects. I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in learning Arabic.

I'm going to pick up Persian again too, in a couple of days - maybe in time for 18 Tir, which is this Saturday.

Wish me luck!
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