asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday night: Clearing out from Shadowdale, a birthday card, etc.

I took today through next Monday off from work to complete the move. The Bridgetown movers came this morning to take the bulk of my stuff - about 96 banker boxes of books (mostly) and personal papers, plus a few folding bookshelves - to my storage cube. I called the storage place ahead of time so they'd be ready for the movers. The truck showed up and the crew of three men got the job done in about an hour and a quarter - very efficient, professional, and courteous.

I popped in at my new place at the Admiral for a couple of hours to get stuff organized. By 12 noon, the few flakes of snow we'd seen in the morning had turned into a steady snowfall, and it was looking like time to get back to Shadowdale.

So I've been alternately taking it easy and sorting through the remaining stuff here at my suddenly near-bare, soon-to-be-former home.

Just now, I made the perilous, icy walk to the mailbox to mail a birthday card to The Next Generation. He turns 21 next week; I sent him a check for a little something and told him to treat himself to a beer.

And with that, I think I've earned my own beer for the night.
Tags: journal, shadowdale, tng

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