asher63 (asher63) wrote,

"But science isn't the real problem - it's how we all get along."

Finally got caught up with Volume 4 of RWBY, and loving it. I was immediately struck by the graceful composition of the scenes and the 'camera' work - even a step up from the previous seasons, which is a high bar. Especially liked the richer view of the antagonists: they're not just cardboard villains, but flesh-and-blood characters. Cinder's character felt very real to me.

I'm now up to the backgrounder on the Faunus (V4 C4.5) -
- which is as far as I can get until C5 is released for general viewing tomorrow, or else Rooster Teeth answers my help ticket. (My premium membership has lapsed and the site isn't letting me log in to renew. Boo hoo.)

So I'll be waiting impatiently to see what happens in C4 E5, on Menagerie.
Tags: rwby

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