asher63 (asher63) wrote,

David Steiner Remembered

'An American filmmaker has been killed in a bus crash in Africa, where he was screening a documentary and working on a project about Sudanese refugees.

David J. Steiner, 51, died on Monday in Uganda as he traveled with his son, Itamar, and two students to a remote village. ...

Mr Steiner's fiancee, Diana Silverberg, told the Chicago Sun-Times: 'Terrence hasn't fractured his back, which was a concern, and everyone else seems to have just minor injuries.'

She said the bus was heading for a remote village, Mbale, where a small community of Hebrew-speaking Ugandans were celebrating Hanukkah.'

Mbale isn't actually a "remote village" but David was well known as a great friend of the East African Jewish community and a great humanitarian.

David doesn't appear in this video (which I first posted last February) but it gives you a picture of the Jewish and Hebrew-speaking communities of East Africa.

Come True Uganda Project longer intro from Nitsan Tal on Vimeo.


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