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Reflections: East Africa 2016

A year ago, I spent two weeks in Kenya and Uganda visiting the African Jewish communities in those countries. This picture is the family of Yehudah Kimani (his parents Ruth and Yosef are on the right) looking at some Jewish books and educational materials I brought from the US. I like this picture because you can see Yosef holding a set of picture cards with the Hebrew names of various farmyard and wildlife animals - cow, chicken, horse, sheep, elephant - most of which are unlikely to be part of the daily experience of the largely urban American Jewish population.

Here, as you can see (look at the doorway) the situation is somewhat different.

I stay in touch with Yehudah and many others in the African Jewish community (in Kenya and Uganda, as well as in Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa) via Facebook. (Yes, it does have its uses.) Just tonight I learned that a young man from Ghana has joined our tribe.

You can read about my trip under the East Africa 2016 tag.
Tags: africa, hebraica, retrospective

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