asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Ashley Madison Turing Test

I've taken to putting a message on my dating profile: "If you have the personality of an Ashley Madison chatbot, I will probably assume you are a fake profile."  

It's generally pretty easy to spot the fake profiles:  they almost always start with "I'm just a simple girl ..." and continue on with a lot of vague, generic verbiage.  The text is often weirdly formatted, as if it's been copy-pasted from a template (and will usually show up on a google search if you search on a portion of it).  And the profile pictures are supermodels or stock photos.

My objective is to get a date with a real live human being (although I might possibly make an exception for Number Six), so the first few lines of messaging are generally my final pass-fail test to make sure I'm communicating with a real live person instead of an algorithm.

Joys of 21st century dating.
Tags: dating

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