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Felt vaguely out-of-it all day today, probably due to working an early shift yesterday at a convention center. The gig wasn't hard, just checking people off the list and giving them their materials for the seminar. The event looked like fun - it was a presentation by Edward Tufte, the "Beautiful Evidence" guy, about the design of graphic information displays (charts and graphs, diagrams, and so on). That's got to be a fascinating field to study: how our brain processes visual information, and how do you design the graphic so that it will be as readable, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing as possible? The attendees all got a set of 4 books by Tufte, included with the price of the event.

So I came home yesterday but didn't crash right away, grabbed a much-too-short nap in the late afternoon and then couldn't sleep last night. Hopefully my sleeping schedule will get back on track tonight. Oh, plus I ate too much starchy food so my tummy feels kind of blah. But hey, if that's my worst problem in life then I guess I can't complain.

Anyway, things are good. I've just been in kind of a holding pattern today, but I did get some studying done. (Arabic verbs and Mathematica functions.) Seems like as good a time as any to use the "exanimate" mood icon.

Oh, and the weather is gorgeous here. Apparently we in the Pacific Northwest are being spared the ravages of the heat wave that's hitting a lot of other areas.
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