asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Jonathan Spyer on Corbyn

'Generally I try to avoid commenting on internal politics in the land of my birth. On this occasion, however, there are special circumstances. Therefore, to any British Jews on my friend list who are thinking of voting for the party led by the blood libeller Raed Salah's friend, the friend of the antisemitic gunmen of Hizballah who regard Jews as ritually unclean, the same Hizballah whose leader is glad that Israel was created so that it will save him and his comrades the need to search for Jews all over the world, and to any of my British Jewish friends thinking of voting for the party whose activists think its funny to draw pictures of Theresa May wearing Magen David ear-rings, my message is: dont be bloody stupid. vote for whoever you want. but dont vote for the Jew haters.'
Tags: antisemitism, britain

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