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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Well, the famous heat wave is finally reaching Portland. It's expected to get up over 100 F this weekend, which is pretty rare here.

I never made it to the gym last night and won't today either - I'm feeling tired and lethargic in spite of having gotten a good eight hours of sleep last night, plus a nap earlier today. I've been taking my vitamin/iron supplements (Rainbow Light) faithfully, so I'm guessing it's a protein thing ... time to stock up on the protein foods.

One thing I gotta do tonight is go to the parenting class - it's the third of four. It's turning out to be pretty interesting and a great way to meet other parents.

Despite my ongoing energy crisis, I did get a lot of stuff done in the apartment today. In honor of the anniversary of the moon landing, I made more giant leaps on my space program and cleared out floor space and cabinet space. Also sorted more family memorabilia, and found copies of some of my Dad's old resumes (typed and carbon-copied!) which shed some light on key points in his life. And dug up a few more old letters from my sister - these dated from around 1982, when we'd both just left home.

Monday night is the next event with Singles Inc, and it looks like fun. And hopefully I'll get to see Miss J there! I'm having a really good feeling about this whole thing. I find my mind is even wandering towards thoughts of (shudder) long-term commitments and such.
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