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The New Job

So, the first day went really well and I'm happy with my decision. Aside from the pay rate, this looks like it's going to be a 1000% improvement over my last gig in every single area where I was dissatisfied. It's a team environment, not a cube farm, so I'll be working with real live people. They are taking training seriously and it's clear I will be gaining a lot of new skills over the next 90 days. (At TheBank, I learned to reset passwords and ... reset passwords.) The location is in a hotel downtown, not a prison-like building out in the boondocks. And it's only 90 days, so even if I end up hating it - which is unlikely - I can put up with it for that long.

BTW this is a different gig from the one I was looking at earlier. The onboarding process seemed to take forever, and they kept demanding more and more information about my employment history, and started asking me to dig up pay stubs and W2s from three years ago. For a position that doesn't even start until 8/21, I began to wonder if it was worth it. Suppose they wanted some piece of documentation that I just couldn't provide? What if I missed all this work time and ended up not getting the job after all?

So I started looking at other options, and when this other agency called about this position, I jumped on it. I interviewed Monday and the manager must have liked me, because on Tuesday I got the call from the agency that I got the job. Email from the agency with the usual paperwork, sign it, scan it, send it back, done and done. And Wednesday - yesterday - was my first day at work.
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