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AfD and the Jews: Two Jewish Journalists Report

Arutz Sheva: Tuvia and Isy Tenenbom on Jewish reaction to AfD successes in Germany. Bnei Brak native Tuvia Tenenbom - who has gone undercover in the past with his blond hair and his "Mom, Dad, I'm German" look - reports on reaction to AfD's showing in the recent election.

[Go to link for video, embed code won't copy.]

Orit Arfa: What happens when I enter an AfD victory party at a Munich beer hall? 'So, it was not out of character for me to enter an AfD victory party on the eve of elections, at a Munich beer hall no less, and find Nazis to expose and challenge. After all, the AfD is widely considered the neo-Nazi party. Take a walk inside with me into the lion’s den…'

[English captions available at Settings control in lower left.]
Tags: europe, hebraica, politics

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