asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The Third Parent

There's a tradition that every child has three parents: the mother, the father, and the Creator.

There is a very profound and healing truth in this. Especially for those of us who were born into difficult or dysfunctional families, or whose circumstances of birth might seem less than ideal.

Maybe your mother and father weren't well matched. You can drive yourself crazy thinking things like, "They should never have been together," and then where would that leave you? That way lies madness.

Remembering the Power behind the universe and behind the often irrational and desperate acts of men and women can help us remember our own place in the plan. Then we can begin to take responsibility for our own lives and for those dependent on us, and perhaps find peace.

I don't know if this helps anybody else, but it has helped me.
Tags: life

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