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Sunday night: The post-Postmates era, etc.

I'd planned to put in an appearance at Chabad this morning, but housecleaning took precedence. The bathroom sink was a biohazard. Several boxes needed to go to storage. And organizing the kitchen couldn't wait another day. So, it was that instead.

On Sundays street parking is free until 1pm, at which time it costs either a little or a lot depending on whether the Timbers are playing. Today was the Timbers' last game of the season (they beat the Vancouver BC Whitecaps 2-1, if you're following) and so I needed to do something with the car. Driving deliveries for Uber Eats was out for today because I had to update my car insurance with them, so I did my first - and, I hope, last - run for Postmates.

I have my gripes about driving for Uber, but I found the Postmates experience inferior in every way. The nav app is unclear and confusing, you have to wait in line and order on behalf of the customer using a pre-paid card (and you have to scrape the sticky gunk off the back of the card when you get it), and then you have to take a picture of the receipt. So much more cumbersome than Uber, where you just grab and go.

So that was my experience with Postmates. In other news I picked up some groceries at Trader Joe's. Also unpacked the flag I'd stowed away earlier, and put Old Glory on the wall by my bed where she's hanging now. Found out I had a bunch of unused Audible credits and downloaded Sowell's 'Basic Economics', Smith's 'Wealth of Nations', and Schweikart/Allen's 'Patriot's History'.

Dug out my DVD player and watched some of 'Spirited Away'. I love that film more every time I see it. It's beautiful and spellbinding, and it is profoundly *moral* without being moralistic. Chihiro must learn and practice courtesy, humility, hard work, loyalty, and courage to free her parents. (I like that, at the end, you can see that her hair tie has turned purple - signifying that the trip to the land of the spirits was real and not in her imagination.)

The customer support job at the HMO is going well. My supervisor took me aside to follow up on a ticket I'd forgotten to close; I waited to hear critiques of my other tickets, but he told me that other than that one ticket, I was doing "110 percent". So, a nice little bit of encouragement!

The HMO support gig only lasts until the first week of November, but I'm optimistic I'll get something by then. If I can get my pay rate up to the figure I'm targeting, I'll be able to relax about bills and finances a little bit, and hopefully won't have to drive any more deliveries.
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