asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Wednesday night: This and that.

Another day of driving deliveries, which is my favorite thing to do, with the exception of all the other things I could possibly be doing.

Had a delivery out on SW Broadway. Now the name "Broadway" conjures images of a wide, straight, urban street lined with glittering lights; and the stretch of SW Broadway that runs through downtown Portland is just that. But then it heads for the hills, and once you get past Grant and Sherman it turns into Mulholland Drive. I was half expecting my customer to say "What are you doing? We don't stop here." But I handed her her Thai food and headed home.

A recruiter contacted me with a "100% remote position" and believe me I'll take that in a heartbeat if it'll pay the bills. I do not like driving. But I've also got good leads on several help-desk and desktop support roles - one of which is at a very decent pay rate. So, I'm still out of work, but G-d willing, hopefully not for much longer.

As a side gig (and an alternative to driving food deliveries) I applied to a home care center. I'd tried this last summer with a number of places, and eventually gave up, having come to the conclusion (based on several credible sources) that the combination of my age and gender would make it hard to get work in that area. ("You can be older, or you can be a man, but you can't be both," was how I judged the situation.) However, a friend on social media referred me to a certain agency and suggested that I apply, so I did. Perhaps they'll be the exception to the rule.

Anyway, said agency has interviewed me for work and is in the process of checking my references. They say there is an elderly gentleman not far from where I live who might be able to use my assistance. So we'll see.

So enough about work. I've started watching 'The Ancient Magus' Bride' and am quickly falling in love with it. Am not much of an anime geek but I may yet become one.

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