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Kenya: Kehillat Kasuku Library

Last year I had the opportunity to visit the African Jewish communities of Kenya and Uganda [see my tag East Africa 2016 for more] and had the pleasure and honor of being the guest of Yehudah Kimani at his home in town, as well as visiting his parents (I'll never forget the food!) and their community in the highlands of Kenya.

I've just learned via Yehudah's Facebook page that the community has begun construction of a Jewish library, with the help of an anonymous donor in the USA (no, it wasn't me).

Yehudah reports:
Our newest libary project is on progress as the week starts up.When i met this wonderful person and the donor of this newest project in USA,I didn't know how much we could accomplish together until now making it happen.

This is very, very exciting. It's wonderful to see this remote and committed community get a building to house its library. (I might have contributed one or two books to their collection myself.) Please feel free to follow Yehudah on Twitter or LinkedIn:

And more about the community here:

And if you are able, please consider making a donation here:
Tags: africa, hebraica

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