asher63 (asher63) wrote,

20 Things About Me - 2018 Edition

1. I was born the day after Robert Frost died.
2. The name I use now isn't the one I was born with.
3. I was born in Connecticut, but I call Portland, Oregon home; I lived in San Francisco for a number of years. I'm now in a live/work situation in the hills near Scappoose.
4. I am not female.
5. I was raised in the Democratic Party, and in my 30s I was a member of the Green Party for 7 years.
6. When I explained my politics to my liberal friends, they would retort, "You might as well be a Republican!" I decided they were right.
7. I write left-handed, but I do most other things right-handed.
8. I served in the US Air Force and the US Marine Corps.
9. But I've never been on a ship.
10. My political blog is called Covenant Lands.
11. I'm proud to have co-parented a wonderful 22-year-old young man (TNG) and a delightful 10-year-old girl (Bunny), who live in California with their respective mothers. I adore them.
12. I'm average size, average build, and way below average aptitude for sports. I was born without a sports gene.
13. I'm not much for sports, but I'm pretty good with languages.
14. A good craft IPA will make me very happy.
15. I haven't 420'd since I was 19. I don't miss it myself, but I favor legalizing.
16. Favorite daytime snack: Folger's instant coffee and Wheat Thins.
17. Favorite evening snack: Triscuits and beer.
18. I usually get up around 5am.
19. Hebrew is not my native language, but I've taught myself Biblical and Modern Hebrew, and have taught Bunny also.
20. I'm 55 years old, and the fun is just beginning.

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