asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Yehudah Kimani on Israel Incident

Times of Israel:

'“When I heard that my case is being discussed in Knesset, it really showed me that I have something important to do in this world,” he said from his home in Kenya. “Now people know that there are Jews everywhere, there are Jews in Kenya. They are giving me a chance to be known and the community in Kenya a chance to be known.”

Still, Kimani noted that the attention paid to his case brought negative consequences as well , including doubts as to his Jewish identity.

Amos Arbel, the director of the ministry’s Population Registry and Status Department, called Kimani “a goy [gentile] from Kenya” and asked if Israel wanted “half of Africa to come to Israel.” Arbel stressed that the Interior Ministry did not recognize Kimani’s conversion, despite the fact that the Jewish Agency recognizes the Abayudaya of Uganda as Jewish who can immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return. ...'
Tags: africa, hebraica, israel

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