asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Back to the future: Social media vs. old school blogging.

Robert Tracinski at The Federalist asks: Was social media a mistake?

I found myself nodding in agreement. All of the factors that RT cites as having made social media attractive - convenience, centralization, conciseness - were things that made social media appealing for me, especially as the period 2007 - 2008 coincided in a period in my own life when I had much less free time to read, write, and think.

One of the things I like about LJ / DW is that it's a format that is conducive to longer writing, and I've been missing that. Tracinski's four-point program, or one similar to it, could be a good idea: cut back on Twitter and Facebook, focus more on in-depth reading and writing through trusted internet sources, and cultivate a habit of reading real books.

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