asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Germany: Demonstrators to wear kippot in solidarity with Jews against anti-Semitism.

Via Breitbart Jerusalem:
'The day of solidarity is called “#kippaheadsup.” It is designed to allow anybody to wear a kippah and experience the sense of isolation and threat that Germany’s Jews are increasingly being called upon to endure.

“Yesterday we wore a kippah, but in a safe space,” one of the event’s organizers told the Times of Israel after Wednesday’s rallies. “A lot of people don’t have any markers that marginalize them and maybe they can get more sensitive to that.”

Sunday’s event is strictly non-political, a choice made by organizers who want to keep their actions separate from the maintstream parties. ...

Around 200,000 Jews are estimated to to be living in Germany, most of them immigrants from the former Soviet Union. That’s fewer than half of the 500,000 Jews who lived in the country before the Holocaust.'

This is very encouraging. I hope they get a good turnout.
Tags: #kippaheadsup, anti-semitism, europe

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