asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday morning: Working a short week.

Leaving for work shortly. It's a pleasant half-hour drive from where I live to Beaverton, down through the farm country along Cornelius Pass Road and thereabouts. I don't care for long commutes or driving generally, but if I've got to drive I'd rather do this than deal with the highway or the city. A year ago, this whole area was just a blank spot on the map for me, and I've enjoyed getting to know the place.

Today is the middle of my work week because I'm taking a couple of days off to spend time with Bunny, who is visiting later this week from California. She's almost 11 now!

She'll have some company while she's here. A family member of the household is staying with her 4 kids. So it'll be fun.
Tags: bunny, oregon, the undisclosed location, work

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