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Andy Ngo at City Journal.

Portland's Andy Ngo is interviewed at City Journal.

Brian Anderson: Now, for people outside of Portland reading about these outbreaks on Drudge or somewhere else it's a little difficult perhaps for them to understand what's going on. Perhaps you could give a brief timeline of the most recent protests and what has set them off. I think there was a police shooting behind one of the protesters, correct?

Andy Ngo: Yes, so the viral video footage from Portland where you see people dressed in black confronting drivers and then one going as far—a group of them going as far as beating an elderly man's car with weapons and pushing him when he got out. That viral footage was recorded just about a week and a half ago, and that stemmed from a response to a police-involved shooting and killing of a young black man, one with a very extensive criminal past, and he is suspected of shooting and injuring two people before the police responded to the incident. So that video footage that a lot of people have seen and has been covered in particularly conservative media, was a protest/rally that was organized by a Black Lives Matter-type of group locally, and then they also work—they have a lot of allies who are part of Antifa. And so whenever these far left groups organize events, Antifa comes up to, in their own words they say that they act as defenders in case white supremacists or whatever attacked them. I think these are unfounded concerns but that's their reason for why they show up with a, sort of, a militia-like element in addition to just a regular political protest.
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