asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Ell Jay by the Gay Bay

Just a hello to everyone in LJ-land. I'm in San Francisco for two more nights ... looking forward to finally meeting bluecarp in person tomorrow!

Happy belated birthday to la_luna_llena! From 31 it just keeps getting better. And thanks for breaking the incredible news about MWMF.

silverseabear, good luck on your trek across this strange place called America.

daddi_cade, we'll be sure to catch one more round of beers at the pub before you head home to England, eh?

A big hello to the foxy cuteness that is fatfeistyfemme. And apologies for another missed birthday! Say hi to PDX for me. Maybe we can do coffee some time ...

tesao is your point of reference for the word "dub". Hopefully someone will explain "rub a dub dub" to me some day.

tyrsalvia, enjoy Burning Man (I will resist the temptation to be irreverent and abbreviate it BM) and good luck with the eyewear.

jillbertini, your new nic is da bomb.

fairiegodmother, glad you are feeling better! I've been a little out of sorts myself lately - got these raging headaches the last four or five days, which is bad enough. But now it's these damn cramps ...
Tags: friends, livejournal

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