asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday morning: Watching and reading.

Last weekend I got a burst of energy and finished two projects I'd set for myself: reading the Book of Genesis (while following along with audio recordings in the Hebrew), and watching all of the 1973 BBC documentary 'The Ascent of Man'.

Listening-while-reading (preferably with a printed book, not a computer display) is my preferred method of absorbing a book. If I sight-read alone, there's always the temptation to skim, especially as I'm getting older and my eyes don't want to work as hard. Listening along helps keep me focused on the words.

My Hebrew is pretty decent (I've been reading Hebrew for 40 years now) but English is still my first language, so it's sometimes easier for me to follow along in the translation. (I generally use the Artscroll edition.)

It was good to work through the whole book as a continuous narrative, from the creation of Adam and Eve, through the many failures of mankind, the families of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, and Joseph's journey into Egypt - and the journey of the Hebrew people there, setting the stage for the next book.

Journeys are one of the themes of Bronowski's series, too. In the first episode he stresses how humankind, unlike the other species, has the ability to adapt to new environments.
Tags: bible, taom

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