asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Fitness trackers.

It seems people are talking a lot about fitness trackers these days, and I thought I'd join the conversation. I am in the market for a fitness tracker (not right away, but in a couple more paychecks) and I want to make a good choice. I've already gotten valuable input from susandennis and chochajin, for which many thanks!

As I am getting older (I turn 56 this month) I'm especially interested in a device that will easily and accurately monitor my sleep and vital signs (pulse, etc.) and potentially flag any irregularities.

I'm also committing to getting back into shape, so a device that's useful for monitoring exercise is also desirable. I am moderately privacy-conscious, so I'm not too keen on entrusting all my data to some remote server via a wireless connection if that can be avoided.

I do not have strong brand loyalties. I use an Android phone, mostly use a Windows PC at work, and use Windows and Mac laptops about equally at home. I'm a late adopter (perhaps a bit of a luddite, even) and don't typically buy gadgets just for the sake of buying gadgets. But a good fitness tracker seems like something that could really improve the quality of my life.

So if you have any recommendations, or if you just want to sound off on the subject of fitness trackers, feel free to comment.
Tags: health, old age and treachery, technology

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